Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Outrage overload part XXXXXXXXXXXX....

    This is a scandal. The administration is firing federal prosecutors for no reason and putting their cronies in office without senate confirmation to get them through the next two years. They are working with political operatives to intimidate law firms into not representing terrorist suspects. They are, once again, undermining the spirit of our constitution and our legal system as they have been doing since they took office in 2000. The country voted for oversight last November to put the brakes on just this kind of behavior.

    The administration is not acting like people who believe they can prevail if they play by the rules set forth in our legal system. Or maybe it's just another outright power grab by the executive branch. Either way, it's the latest in a long line of constitutional outrages and the congress must thoroughly investigate it and expose it to the public. The Republicans are trying to set new precedents with this stuff and it will only work if the Democrats fail to step in and say no.

    We need immediate hearings on this issue.

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