Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Mitt the Shit extends his middle finger to

the state of Massachusetts one last time in farewell.
    Governor Mitt Romney, despite his stated opposition to patronage appointments, installed more than 200 Republican activists, current and former state employees, and others to boards and commissions in December, including departing Lieutenant Governor Kerry Healey.

    The blizzard of 11th-hour appointments will, in many cases, place people loyal to Romney on the boards for years to come -- in some cases until 2011 -- ensuring that his influence will reverberate in such areas as education, healthcare, and criminal justice long after the governor leaves the State House tonight...

    ...Most of the positions are unpaid but give the appointees a chance to shape policy, enhance their professional standing, or simply hobnob with important people.

    Governor-elect Deval Patrick may be able to reverse some of the appointments. According to the secretary of state's office, the appointments are subject to repeal within 15 days after they are made under certain circumstances...
Combined with his final push to ban gay marriage, there you have the Romney administration in a nutshell: existing only to further one man's ambitions.

His departure will be widely unlamented.

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