Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Hillary and Obama

Apparently some are taking issue with Obama's "triangulation" on the subject of religion. In short, they don't like him implicitly supporting the stereotype that Democrats are anti-religious. My feeling is this is all hogwash lead by bloggers, like Atrios, who seem increasingly sympathetic and protective of the Hillary for President campaign.

The fact is, any politician worth his or her salt will find issues which they will use to differentiate themselves from the rest of their party. Obama, who has been more steadfast in his opposition to the Iraq War than perhaps any other '08 prospective candidate other than Kucinich has clearly decided he wants to say something about faith and hope that he believes will set him apart. The same might be said for Hillary who just a few days ago introduced legislation along with HolyJoe to crack down on the sale of violent video games to minors. These are essentially win-win issues for politicians looking to expand their base of support and attract renewed interest from voters who may not be inclined to automatically support them should they make it to the general election.

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