Thursday, November 16, 2006

The Premise must read:

In which Mark Barrett dismembers Adam Nagourney, and details how Media Whores operate. This is a real enemy. If Kerry is going to run again, this is something that will require relentless pushback.
    Premise Review of the Week: The Botched Joke

    Although we’re only a little over a week past the elections, the 2008 presidential race has suddenly burst into flame, in large part because James Carville is doing a hatchet job on what is purportedly his own party. I’ll have more to say about Mr. Carville soon, but for now I want to point out the gossipy role that Adam Nagourney, veteran political reporter of The New York Times, plays at times like these, as well as debunk a political meme that he seems determined to nurture...

    ...And that’s another staple of Mr. Nagourney’s gossipy work. He’s always above the fray in voice and tone, yet somehow the same nosy, pesky, persistent and anonymous reporter always appears in the shadows of his columns. It’s an oddly consistent coincidence.

    As to the meme that Mr. Nagourney is trying to help establish — that John Kerry cost the Democratic Party Congressional seats because of his botched joke — note the complete and utter lack of analysis by Mr. Nagourney. Analysis that I will now provide to show how easily it can be done, despite Mr. Nagourney’s apparent inability to perform...
And this is a point I've heard no one else raise:
    It’s also worth noting that the Bush administration’s attack on Senator Kerry is essentially proof that Mr. Kerry was seen as a leader on the Democratic side as campaigns were drawing to a close across the country. In effect, he was attacked precisely because he was helping the Democratic needle swing in a positive direction.
Yeah. The Bushies didn't jump on Kerry's misstatement because he was weak; they attacked him because he was so strong. [Sarcastic] kudos to Hillary for helping them out.

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