Friday, October 20, 2006

a twofer

Seth Gitell:
    Finally, I am astounded by how ill-served Healey has been by her 2002 running mate. Other than appearing with Healey in a patronizing press conference yesterday announcing the removal of tolls on the Mass Pike (haven’t we heard this before?) Romney has been MIA at best regarding Healey. His attacks on Massachusetts around the country have put her in a difficult position as evidenced by her awkward response to Alison King at tonight’s debate. One has to wonder whether Romney even wants to be followed by yet another Republican governor. Perhaps he wants to reinforce his uniqueness as a Republican in Massachusetts in a 2008 presidential race. I view this as a mistake of the governor’s. Should Patrick win, he will gain access to the all the resources of state government. Whatever skeletons Fehrnstrom et al have been keeping in the closet are sure to come out. Any Patrick Administration will be a treasure trove of the opposition research Republicans in Massachusetts love so much for Romney’s Democratic opponent if he gets the nomination.
May Healey and Romney both sink each other.

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