Friday, October 27, 2006

'Huge Cash Edge Rove Boasted Of Fails To Materialize'?

Can this be true? If so, cool. Greg Sargent writes:
    Last week the ever-supremely-confident Karl Rove boasted that the GOP had a huge cash edge that would fuel the Republicans' inevitable triumph over Dems -- but the latest numbers are in, and Rove's boast has simply failed to materialize. The Associated Press reports that the Democrats' campaign committees raised a total of $15.5 million during the first 18 days in October, while Republicans raised $10.1 million. The AP tallies up the totals: the GOP has $27.2 to spend on candidates in the home stretch, while Dems have $26.7 million -- a GOP advantage of less than a million dollars. Though the GOP claims a $14 million edge held by individual Senate campaigns, that's spread across many races and will partly be offset by the massive spending of the committees.
More interesting info in the comments. I'm still not convinced that last-minute ad buys are a great use of cash, though I guess the final sh*t wave must be countered.

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