Monday, October 30, 2006

From the 2008 front,

and skimming along under the radar, we have Mittens contemplating hitching his presidential wagon to the Bush crime family.
    Earlier this month, Jeb Bush’s former chief of staff and top political adviser, Sally Bradshaw, jumped to Romney’s Commonwealth political action committee.

    Soon after, Romney flew to the key electoral Sunshine State to join Bush for campaign events and fund-raisers - and, sources said, to gauge Bush’s interest in being a running mate.

    "There has been substantive talk between the two of them" about the possibility of the president’s younger brother running for vice president if Romney wins the nomination, one GOP source with knowledge of the Oct. 19 meeting told the Herald. "Everyone in Florida is expecting an endorsement by Gov. Bush (of) Romney."
Elias says it better than I could.
    If Romney wasn't such a weasely amateur in politics he might realize that Jeb is first and foremost a Bush, a family that has made a primitive fetish out of treacherous self interest.

    La Famiglia Arbusto must look at Mitt Romney's earnestness and just laugh, he is exactly the sort of jerk they've been running thru electoral wood-chippers since the salad days of Texas John Connolly.

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