Thursday, February 23, 2006

Boston Herald eats its own

Three cheers for Kevin Rothstein.
    Former Bay State Republican chief Jim Rappaport blasted the state GOP yesterday as an “incestuous” insider’s club rife with “incompetence” that is choking off support for the minority party.

    “The absolute, total incompetence of the state party” has left it “worse off than it was four years ago,” the real estate magnate told the Herald...
Rothstein's got another one here:
    Under fire from U.S. Sen. Edward M. Kennedy, the Romney administration yesterday defended its policy of outsourcing state jobs, saying that Massachusetts work formerly done in India is now handled in the United States - albeit in Utah.

    Kennedy ripped Romney yesterday for “jumping on the offshoring bandwagon,” while a Romney administration official retorted that only a small number of foreign data entry workers were still crunching Medicaid numbers in India.

    “This bandwagon holds a total of 18 people,” said state Health and Human Services spokesman Dick Powers. “And there have been talks about the possibility of moving it back to this country.”

    But Powers acknowledged that a larger contract for employees at a food stamp call center has been farmed out to Utah since September. He did not know how many Bay State jobs were being performed in Utah.

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