Monday, July 11, 2005

We wait

Tomorrow's papers should provides with a nice collection of on and off the record quotes and should give us a pretty good idea as to the relative seriousness of this scandal - as far as the WH is concerned.

Check back here later, around 1am or so, and we'll try to have a summary. My expectation from watching the evening broadcasts is that you'll have lots of GOP sympathizers declaring this to be "egg on the face" of McClellan and the WH spin machine but lots of skepticism as to whether this rises to the level of a crime or not.

As for our somewhat out there prediction that Rove will be forced to resign, we'll have to wait...but my sense is Fitzgerald is about 2 or 3 steps ahead of the press. He subpoenaed phone records from Air Force One months ago and knows the chronology of what went on during that plane ride to Africa referenced below better than anyone else. Also, Cooper's will be testifying and that could yield additional information. Wait and see, this isn't over...

..Drudgerino says Times splash tomorrow. Will comment when it's available online.

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