Sunday, July 10, 2005

Water carrier

Washington Post 7/7/05:
    In an interview yesterday, [Rove's attorney, Robert Luskin] said Rove was not the source who called Cooper yesterday morning and personally waived the confidentiality agreement.

    "Karl has not asked anybody to treat him as a confidential source with regard to this story," Luskin said.

Washington Post 7/11/05:
    Luskin said Cooper had been clear to testify all along -- because of the waiver signed 18 months ago -- but that the waiver was "reaffirmed" on Wednesday, the day of a hearing to decide whether he and Miller would go to jail.
Whether it was Rove himself who called Cooper last week to "reaffirm" the waiver or it was his lawyer is beside the point. In Luskin's earlier comments to the Post he clearly intended to give the impression that it was not a confidentiality agreement with Rove that had been waived thereby allowing Cooper to testify and stay out of jail. But now Luskin confirms that it was. Yet nowhere in tomorrow's Post do they mention that Luskin has been consistently and intentionally misleading the press about the substance of his client's communications with Cooper.

Hey WaPo...Rove's lawyer is a liar. Stop letting him use your paper as his official mouthpiece!

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