Wednesday, July 06, 2005

Wapo carrying water, again

What is with this water-boy paper these days? Apparently, even though Fitzgerald has run a tight ship and very few facts have come out about the nature of his investigation, the Post seems confident in saying that a serious crime was probably not committed. Where do they get this crap? Unless Fitzgerald has lost his mind, he wouldn't have been so adamant in compelling journalists to testify, nor would a judge have allowed him to jail a reporter.

The Post and the New York Times better hope there was no serious crime committed, otherwise their arguments hold little water - particularly if it was a reporter (cough, Judy Miller, cough) who passed the name 'Plame' to White House operatives.

To contend that the prosecutor in this case has overstepped his bounds is a difficult argument to make when no one knows the results of his investigation.

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