Thursday, July 07, 2005

Shadow President

Tim Grieve, Salon:
    John Kerry just issued a statement about the attacks in London, and it's full of all the things that you'd expect any politician to say: There are "thoughts and prayers" for the people of London, expressions of solidarity with Tony Blair, and the obligatory alliteration about how the future belongs "not to fear, but to freedom." But there is also this: Criticism, at least implicit, of George W. Bush for falling down on the job of keeping Americans safe. Kerry says that the London attacks "remind us that the fight is far from over" and underscore the need to complete "the unfinished work of homeland security, strengthening our port security, rail security, protecting chemical plants, and securing loose nuclear materials abroad."

    What's the state of that work? A spate of recent reports suggests that Kerry has it about right -- "unfinished."...

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