Tuesday, July 12, 2005

The secret

As Atrios reminds everyone today...
    Valerie Plame's name was not secret. The fact that she was married to Wilson was not secret. The fact that she worked for the CIA was.
It's quite possible, the whole issue of 'naming' Plame is inconsequential. I'm no lawyer, but if I'm Fitzgerald and I know that Karl knew and Libby and whoever else had to know Wilson's wife was a covert agent at the CIA, than maybe I try to bring an indictment on the basis that I've got pretty solid proof that for all intents and purposes Plame was outed. Naming Plame, if in fact it really was widely known, could be judged insignificant by a jury. To put it another way: for Rove to say he didn't "name" her is a pretty shaky defense.

...turns out Luskin won't comment on whether Rove knew Plame was covert.

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