Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Meanwhile, through the looking glass...

Eric Alterman calls our attention to this Wall Street Journal editorial that gets the facts so completely wrong that I don't know where to begin the deconstruction. Let me just quote their final, glorious wrap-up:
    In short, Joe Wilson hadn't told the truth about what he'd discovered in Africa, how he'd discovered it, what he'd told the CIA about it, or even why he was sent on the mission. The media and the Kerry campaign promptly abandoned him, though the former never did give as much prominence to his debunking as they did to his original accusations. But if anyone can remember another public figure so entirely and thoroughly discredited, let us know.

    If there's any scandal at all here, it is that this entire episode has been allowed to waste so much government time and media attention, not to mention inspire a "special counsel" probe. The Bush administration is also guilty on this count, since it went along with the appointment of prosecutor Patrick Fitzgerald in an election year in order to punt the issue down the road. But now Mr. Fitzgerald has become an unguided missile, holding reporters in contempt for not disclosing their sources even as it becomes clearer all the time that no underlying crime was at issue.

    As for the press corps, rather than calling for Mr. Rove to be fired, they ought to be grateful to him for telling the truth.
The WSJ editors have apparently departed this reality-based vale of tears for a better, if fictional, place where Karl Rove, prevaricator par excellence, is the standard bearer for truth telling. The head explodes.

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