Saturday, July 16, 2005

Massachusetts spits in Santorum's eye

Excerpts from letters to the editor of the Boston Globe over the past few days:
    I look forward to the further linking of the left to the Black Death, the Trojan War, and perhaps even the asteroid impact that killed off the dinosaurs.

    Boston became the epicenter of the clergy abuse scandal only because of the vigorous and thorough efforts of our local press to bring the misdeeds and corruption fully to the attention of the public.

    Massachusetts-bashing seems to be in vogue, with our mendacious president in the lead, but I am proud of my adoptive state and its capital for their long tradition of advocacy for freedom and civil rights.


    BRIAN McGRORY'S otherwise superb denunciation of Pennsylvania's Senator Rick Santorum ("In sanctum Santorum," City & Region, July 12) overlooked one critical point: Santorum's children are being home schooled -- and in conservative Virginia, not in more moderate Pennyslvania. Presumably they won't be encouraged -- or maybe allowed -- to seek higher education in the foremost colleges and universities of Massachusetts lest they escape their father's bigotry and stupidity.
And from the Globe's Scot Lehigh,
    ON WEDNESDAY, US Senator Rick Santorum had to answer a fundamental question. Is he a man or is he a mouse?

    So how did the Pennsylvania Republican decide the issue? Well, here's an audio clue: Squeak, squeak.

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