Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Karma's a bitch

Raw Story headline: Coulter caught cribbing from conservative magazines

But it gets better. One of the sources she raided was none other than Boston Globe right wing hack columnist Jeff Jacoby.

Tim Noah wrote in a July 11, 2000 item in Slate:
    The conservative community feels that Boston Globe columnist Jeff Jacoby's punishment--a four-month suspension--was too severe. As Chatterbox reported earlier (click here and here ), Jacoby's July 3 column borrowed material--some of it erroneous--from an anonymous e-mail about the fates of the signers of the Declaration of Independence. Jacoby did not acknowledge the phantom e-mail as a source in the column (though he did so in an e-mail to about 100 people that he sent out prior to its publication). Neither did Jonah Goldberg, who also lifted erroneous material from the e-mail for a patriotic column in National Review Online. Neither, Chatterbox recently learned reading Jim Romenesko's MediaNews, did Oliver North, who wrote an MSNBC column that included some of the language and misinformation embedded in the phantom e-mail. None of these incidents quite rose to the level of plagiarism, but each one involved theft and inaccuracy.
Did I hear someone claim that the republican party was the party of *fresh ideas?

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