Sunday, July 10, 2005

Isikoff on the case

I've been thinking that the White House slam-down on Michael Isikoff over his Koran abuse report in Newsweek may prove to have been extremely shortsighted. Isikoff (along with Mark Hosenball) is all over the Plamegate story with uncommon zeal. Perhaps karma's, at long last, preparing to be a bitch?

David Corn has an unusual Saturday night item up at the Huffington Post. He's reporting that
    Yet tonight I received this as-solid-as-it-gets tip: on Sunday Newsweek is posting a story that nails Rove. The newsmagazine has obtained documentary evidence that Rove was indeed a key source for Time magazine's Matt Cooper and that Rove--prior to the publication of the Bob Novak column that first publicly disclosed Valerie Wilson/Plame as a CIA official -- told Cooper that former Ambassador Joseph Wilson's wife apparently worked at the CIA and was involved in Joseph Wilson's now-controversial trip to Niger.
David Corn has been playing this story very coolly. If he's starting to get excited, maybe there is something to get excited about.

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