Saturday, July 16, 2005

Friday night doc dump

Friday nights have become prime time for bloggers who are following the Rove story. An article to appear in tomorrow's NY Times drops this little nugget:
    The information in the State Department memorandum generally tracked the information Mr. Novak laid out for Mr. Rove in their conversation, according to the account of their exchange provided by the person briefed on what Mr. Rove has told investigators.

    But it appears to differ in at least one way, raising questions about whether it was the original source of the material that ultimately made its way to Mr. Novak. In his July 14, 2003, column, Mr. Novak referred to Ms. Wilson as Valerie Plame. The State Department memorandum referred to her as Valerie Wilson, according to the government official who reread it on Friday.
According to Joe Wilson, his wife went by the name Valerie Wilson. Larry Johnson, who has known Valerie Plame since 1985 when they both started at the agency, says he didn't know her last name. I heard him say this on NPR last evening (website's down at the moment - tinfoil hats ON - so no link yet), and said that at the agency she was just called Val P., or Valerie. Some Larry Johnson audio, via Crooks and Liars, here, and a written statement here. I'll tell you, he is one pissed off republican.

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