Monday, June 20, 2005

Why McCain ought to be toast

Digby gives us the reason why:
    Still and all, if McCain runs, lets hope that Grover and the boys succeed in scuttling his candidacy. He's a phony who doesn't come across as one and that's a very valuable trait. The beltway boys choir still loves the guy and they'll help him any way they can. His problem is that he's unacceptable to the theocrats and ideologues. But he's just as unacceptable to us. He might not openly condone torture, but he said today that he's open to confronting Syria. And he said a lot of other nonsense too. The guy is just as myopic about modern global threats as the rest of them.

    Father Tim and his marching band love him because he's the man they see looking back at them in the mirror when they blow dry what's left of their hair. And maverick JJ loves the adulation just a little bit more than any authentic Real American should. But he hides it well, I'll give him that. He's the best actor they've got.
Can't imagine anyone saying it better than that.

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