Friday, June 17, 2005

Troops die, Milbank laughs

Honest Democrats try to make a difference and Milbank laughs. Fine. Keep laughing. Bush, of course, is the only one who is serious, resolute and strong and when he succeeds in killing more Americans in Iraq than died on 9-11, he will be even more serious, more resolute and stronger. To people like Milbank, continuing to wage a misguided war while Americans die is a sign of strength. Those that are concerned are jokes. And for people like Milbank, if they had kids in Iraq, they would no doubt feel the same way. Anyone who talked about getting out would be living in the land of "make-believe." A flag being accidentally knocked down during a hearing would be a "distraction" from the message. People like Milbank believe they told the American people all they knew in the run up to war, which didn't include telling them that the war was a fait accompli. But that doesn't matter now because we all live in the land of "make believe."

...Conyers has responded, pointing out Milbank's account is full of wholes, and that, in short, Dana Milbank is a Class A fucking asshole.

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