Sunday, June 26, 2005

Public Rove

I would really beg to differ with Balz's premise. Rove has not assumed a more public role only since the election. He has very clearly assumed public roles whenever his boss was on the ropes. Remember mid-late August, at the height of the Swift Boat controversy when it was widely presumed Kerry was slightly ahead? Or last October, after the first debate, when Kerry clearly had trounced Bush, Rove made several appearances. Rove crawled out of his hole about a week ago, at the same time several polls showed Bush dipping below 50% with the war in Iraq being a major reason.

Let's not let the commentariat and the political operatives win this one. This not a sign of the GOP Supreme Commander feeling his oats. Rove's comments were an act of desperation. Repeat it.

...a new site deals with this very topic.

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