Friday, June 24, 2005

The Note writes the Democratic Party

Apparently, if the Democratic Party were stronger, Rove wouldn’t have made those comments, or if he had, we wouldn’t have needed to respond. Democrats are such losers. Isn’t it time for Howard Dean to apologize or something…
    Dear Democratic Party: Karl Rove's remarks on Wednesday night reminded us of something we were sure we had heard before, but we couldn't quite remember what it was.

    (Thinking. . . thinking. . . thinking. . .)

    Oh, yeah!!!



    That's it!!!!

    Do your suspicions that Rove did all this on purpose to tee up the President's Iraq meeting today and big speech next week (and deal with the POTUS poll numbers) tell you more about Rove or about you?

    Does defending liberals from what "some guy" says about them, tell you anything about the state of your party (and its identification of with a stereotype of political "liberalism")?

    Would you rather be known as the party of Michael Moore and MoveOn, or known as the party of decisiveness and strength?

    If you have to indignantly assert that you are just as patriotic as the other party, from where does that mean you started the debate?

    If you think the President "used" 9/11 and the GWoT to distract the American people from the "real" issues in the last election — and you think that's how/why he won — what exactly is your strategy in this round, and why would it be any more successful than it was last year?


    The Note

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