Friday, June 24, 2005

Not a genius. Not going away, either.

It goes without saying that Karl Rove's comments in New York the other night not only stepped over , but also stomped it into oblivion. I've signed John Kerry's petition calling for his firing, but we all know that's not going to happen.

Digby raises a vital point:
    [Karl Rove] is just someone who has no limits. And he has a client and a party that are willing to do as he advises. That is a powerful thing, but it is not genius. It is useful in elections, but it is a disaster in governance, as we are seeing. Brute force cannot accomplish every task, as any plumber or mechanic can tell you.

    But barring a total meltdown, which is unlikely, Rove is going to be running the Republican party for some time to come. We need to start looking at this man realistically. The key is that the Republicans think he's magical too.
George Bush may (thank the lord) be butting up against term limits, but Rove has no such expiration date. He is the true enemy, and we ignore that fact at the peril of the country.

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