Saturday, March 19, 2005

The soon-to-be-ex? all-volunteer military

Via Raw Story, this article from Stars and Stripes:
    The Army’s vice chief of staff says he’s been losing sleep lately over the future of the all-volunteer force.

    “What keeps me awake at night is what this all-volunteer force will look like in 2007,” Gen. Richard Cody told lawmakers recently on Capital Hill.

    It’s a concern others should share, he says.

    “I think it ought to keep all of you awake,” he told a gathering of reporters Wednesday.
I don't know if it's keeping reporters or lawmakers awake, but it's not doing anything for my peace of mind. It's been a no-brainer for a long time now that this administration's brutal and unthinking use of the military has been running full speed into the brick wall of reality.

It is inevitable that the day will come when young people, no matter what inducements are offered, are unwilling to subject their lives to the command of a government that is so careless of their welfare. Endless war is bad enough. But the worst abuses, stop-loss orders, inadequate armor and stingy healthcare for veterans, show the true measure of the lack of respect this administration has for those who give up the most in its service.

We owe those who serve more than a salute. Surely it has not escaped the notice of many that the same lack of humanity that brought us Abu Graib has also brought us declining enlistments. It's a matter of simple arithmetic.

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