Thursday, March 17, 2005

Shooting fish in a barrel

Targeting the ridiculous things said by Fox news anchors is way too easy, but yesterday's Let's Rape the Wilderness vote put me in a vindictive mood. So here we have, via DC Media Girl, a quote from John Gibson, who manages to trash gay people and adoption in one fatuous statement.
    ..since history has been recorded, chipped in stone, inked onto papyrus, scribed into great books or printed on your ink jet, the basic idea behind marriage has been to set up a system for the raising of kids.

    Gays can’t have kids — other than going to the abandoned kids store and getting one or two, or borrowing sperm from someone with more sperm than brains — so by definition they’re out of the marriage game.
Is disdain for adoption a new policy for all-life-is-sacred set? Or is John Gibson bigoted and an idiot? Never mind.

[UPDATE]: Thanks to reader Clair, who pointed out that I had accidentally fingered the wrong Gibson. Karma's a bitch. Better watch out when you refer to someone else as an idiot, lest it come around and bite you in the ass. And my greatest apologies to the other Gibson.

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