Wednesday, March 02, 2005

Cheerleaders in chief

I suppose it's redundant to rip on The Note over and over again since it really is written by a group of very smart and savvy political reporters. I also understand that the political media is going to continue to treat the Democrats as losers until they actually start winning elections. But why on earth would they continue to promote Bush's chances of getting his Social Insecurity plan passed when all indications point to nothing being done this year.
    In the face of another news cycle of pessimism about the fate of 2005 Social Security reform, the President has:

    — the boundless optimism of Nicolle Devenish and Trent Duffy.

    — that new Treasury-based war room, staffed with very talented people.

    — more upcoming presidential travel.

    — the focus of some of the best minds in the Administration.

    — (despite yesterday's Frist and Grassley remarks), no clear, broad-based attempts by Republican members of Congress to win the LaHood Award on this matter (yet).

    — Rick Santorum's pitbull/"pair of trousers in his mouth" metaphor about the President's determination.

    — some nifty new talking points responding to anti-Bush attacks.

    — the millions of dollars in the pipeline to be spent by the outside allied groups, along with stepped up high-profile surrogate activity.

    In tomorrow's Note, we will publish the formula (created by Matthew Dowd, Jack Oliver, and some University of Texas grad students) that shows how all of the above could trump the forces allied against reform.

For God's sake, give it a rest Halperin. You're Republican friends ARE GOING TO LOSE THIS ONE.

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