Friday, March 04, 2005

Bloomberg vs. Ferrer

While this Times piece is supposed to be some kind of embarrassment for Ferrer, it's seems to me like a rather ingenious fundraising technique - inadvertently tell the New York Times that you need money to be competitive against Bloomberg (host of the 2004 Winger hate-fest) and get it splashed on the front of the Metro section, ensuring millions of mostly blue state Americans will see it and (hopefully) want to pitch in.

Here's a donation link, and if you're still not convinced, here's Spitzer on Ferrer:
    I'm not shy about articulating my support for a candidate when I think they're the best candidate," Mr. Spitzer said in a telephone interview. He said his support for Mr. Ferrer stemmed from Mr. Ferrer's work in revitalizing the Bronx when he was its borough president and Mr. Ferrer's being "a voice for the middle class" and smart government.

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