Saturday, February 19, 2005

Ganny Boy

As much as "Jeff Gannon" or John Aravosis or The Washington Post wants this story to be about what Aravosis calls "family-values hypocrisy" it is much, much more then that. The White House has now admitted giving Ganny Boy a press pass while he was still working for GOPUSA. Political groups are supposed to be barred from sending people to attend White House press briefings. Aside from the many legitimate security questions raised by the fact that "Gannon" was able to use a pseudonym while working in the White House, there are also questions about why McClellan and Bush knew to call on him for softball questions during "tough" WH press briefings. Add this to Ganny's involvement in the Plame affair and you really have a story. The fact that his nude pictures are all over gay escort sites seems the least of it.

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